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Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) Conference 2024

Plenary 7: Cross-border Surveillance in Pandemic Prevention: Examples from 3 Continents

Date and Time: March 10, 1:15 p.m.

This panel delves into "The Importance of Cross-border Surveillance in Pandemic Prevention," highlighting global health security from the perspectives of three continents. It will explore cross-border surveillance roles and significance, with case studies from MENA, East Africa, and the Southern U.S. border. The discussion will navigate the complexities and challenges inherent in cross-border surveillance, the integration and sharing of data systems across nations, and the creation of cohesive policies to forge a robust global health security network. Attendees will gain insights into the current gaps in this domain and contemplate collaborative strategies to address these critical issues.

Past Events

Health Science Equity Symposium

Health Equity Science Symposium 2024

The "Health Equity: From Lens to Science" symposium aimed to lay the foundation for creating a structured approach to embed health equity in research, starting from its foundational concepts to its broad application. The symposium brought together leaders and learners representing academics, health practitioners, policy experts, elected officials, epidemiologists, data scientists, sponsors, thought leaders, community members and leaders and other stakeholders working on health, public health and health equity issues.

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CPPR Conversation Series

Through the CPPR Conversation Series, we connect leaders in public health and ensure that pandemic preparedness and health equity are part of the broader conversation. Some of the topics included: strengthening health security systems, unbiased metagenomics and live attenuated vaccines. 

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Pandemic Preparedness Priorities in Latin America Symposium

The goal of this virtual symposium was to identify key public health priorities necessary to prepare for a post-pandemic world. The symposium also strengthened multisectoral partnerships and fostered interdisciplinary collaboration to prepare and respond to future pandemics in the region.

Vaccine equity 5K Fun Run

Vaccine Equity 5K Fun Run

The Center for Pandemic Preparedness and Response (formerly, UCSF Pandemic Initiative for Equity and Action) organized a 5k fun run to promote global vaccine equity. 

Health Equity Science Symposium

Health Equity Science Symposium 2021

The symposium was held to identify and disseminate some the fundamental concepts related to equity science. Instruction focused on how to define an equity focused science agenda.