Center for Pandemic Preparedness and Response

CPPR unites interdisciplinary experts, domestic and global partners to deliver positive societal change and impact.

Readiness, Response, Resilience, and Research with Equity at the center.

What We Do

We work to build public health solutions that engage with community partners, advance equity, and save lives. We support partners to advance evidence-based public health policies and practices that prioritize the needs of historically discriminated against and marginalized communities.

Our goal is to make public health equitable, high-quality, community-driven, and accessible for all.

About Us


Our Focus Areas

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Capacity Building & Workforce Development for Pandemic Response

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have worked with partners to train and develop a growing public health workforce in San Francisco, California, and beyond.  

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Data for Public Health Impact, Preparedness, and Response

We leverage multidisciplinary partnerships to strengthen national and subnational surveillance, laboratory, and data systems to more effectively track and respond to infectious disease and emerging health threats.

Nadine Burke Harris, CA's first Surgeon General, delivers the Chancellor’s Health Policy lecture,
Policy Shaping Activities

We work on evidence-to-policy translation: at the global level and national level, by working with departments of health to ensure that policies are prioritized, and programs are resourced based on the best available evidence and local priorities.


Meet Our People

We are a group of health researchers, practitioners, and public health professionals from across the UCSF community. We are committed to addressing inequalities in health both locally and globally through pandemic preparedness and response.

Lynhea Anicete
Nova Wilson
Hana Azman
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