Public Health Learning Design Hub

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Public Health Learning Design Hub

We help public health programs design and deliver impactful online learning solutions.  

We specialize in supporting programs whose learners are outside UCSF. This includes external research, technical assistance, training, and workforce development programs. 

Contact us to learn how we can help you can create effective, evidence-based, and accessible online training programs. Together, we can use online education to improve health and reduce inequities locally and globally

How We Help UCSF Faculty and Staff


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Learning Design  

Our experienced instructional designers and eLearning specialists use the latest educational technology and pedagogical principles to create engaging and effective online learning experiences. We produce instructional videos, interactive e-learning modules, learner and facilitator guides, graphics, presentations, and other online-learning content.  

We work with you to: 

  • Analyze your training needs 
  • Identify learning objectives 
  • Develop assessments 
  • Design engaging learning activities 


Learning Management  

Using a learning management system (LMS) can help streamline the delivery and management of online learning programs. Our LMS is accessible to users outside UCSF, allowing program managers, instructors, and learners to access course materials and assessments all in one place.  

We provide tools to: 

  • Manage registration 
  • Automate communications 
  • Track learner progress 
  • Generate reports 
  • Assess the effectiveness of training programs  

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Person interacting in a Zoom meeting using sign language

Live Meeting Production  

We produce professional-quality live meetings, webinars, and conferences, from setting up the virtual platform to providing technical support during the event. Our live meeting production services allow you to host engaging and effective live events, whether you're reaching a local or global audience. 

We help you: 

  • Develop tools and resources to adapt trainings to meet the accessibility needs of learners
  • Run live online trainings incorporating accessibility best practices
  • Identify the universal benefits of accessible virtual meetings

Examples of Our Work

Virtual Training Academy+

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped build the California Virtual Training Academy+ (VTA+) to equip a diverse group of state and local health jurisdiction staff with the knowledge and skills to provide crucial services in case investigation and contact tracing. Our team developed online and hybrid training courses in partnership with the California Department of Public Health and UCLA. More than 11,000 learners have completed the trainings in contact tracing, case investigation, and more. 

Virtual Training Academy plus

Interactive e-Learning Modules

Screenshot of online course content from the Mpox Disease Intervention course

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Course Documents

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Lecture and Demonstration Videos

Work With Us

The Public Health Learning Design Hub operates within UPIEA and the Institute for Global Health Sciences. The Hub is committed to creating public health solutions that empower community partners, advance equity, and save lives. We believe that same caliber of high-quality, evidence-based online training programs that are available to UCSF students should be available to our external partners around the world.

Whether you need a high-level learning design consultation, a place to publish your existing content, or a suite of services to develop a fully blended remote or hybrid training, we’ll find the right level of staff support to meet your project’s needs. We can set up a complementary instructional design consultation and project scoping, or help with grants, budget templates, project proposals, and more.

Current and Past Partners

We work with partners inside and outside UCSF. Since 2020, we've helped our partners reach more than 20,000 learners in California and around the Globe. 

  • California Department of Public Health, COVID-19 Virtual Training Academy 
  • COVID Command Center  at the San Francisco Department of Public Health 
  • Strengthening Interprofessional Education to Improve HIV Care Across Africa (STRIPE HIV) 
  • National Clinical Consultation Training Center  
  • International Traineeships in AIDS Prevention Studies 
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Field Epidemiology and Training Program 
  • CDC Global Health Security  
  • CDC Health Equity Scholars 
  • Chan Zuckerberg Biohub EppiCenter for Malaria Genomic Surveillance