Vaccine Equity

5k fun run for vaccine equity

5k Fun Run for Vaccine Equity 

We have the golden ticket to end the COVID-19 pandemic – safe and effective vaccines – but disregard for global vaccine equity will be our collective downfall. While all Americans have access to safe, free and effective COVID-19 vaccines, billions of people globally are still waiting to get vaccinated. Only 0.4% of 5.3 billion vaccine doses administered globally have been given in low-income countries.[1] Less than 2% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa has received one shot.  Moreover, most vaccines in low and middle-income countries have gone to young men; with women and vulnerable populations least likely to have gotten vaccinated. The UCSF Pandemic Initiative for Equity and Action is organizing a 5k fun run to promote global vaccine equity. All proceeds will go to get1give1 campaign: every $7 donated will fund someone somewhere getting vaccinated against COVID through the COVAX initiative. We invite YOU to participate, either virtually or locally, and donate to the Get1Give1 vaccine campaign.


Event: 5K Fun Run for Vaccine Equity 

Event Information:  March 12, 2022 | 9 AM | Crissy Field, San Francisco or virtual!

Course Map:

Course Map