Health Equity Science Symposium

Health Equity: From Lens to Science

The "Health Equity: From Lens to Science" symposium aims to lay the foundation for creating a structured approach to embed health equity in research, starting from its foundational concepts to its broad application. While health equity is a broadly used term, it can suffer from a lack of rigor and clarity around principles and strategies underlying the concept. The virtual symposium will feature keynote speaker Dr. Derek Griffith on the “lens" of health equity in research, followed by panel discussions on data and action related to health equity science.

The symposium will bring together leaders and learners representing academics, health practitioners, policy experts, elected officials, epidemiologists, data scientists, sponsors, thought leaders, community members and leaders, and other stakeholders working on health, public health and health equity issues.

Thursday, January 25, 2024

9 a.m. to 12 p.m. PST


Video Recording 

Transcripts available upon request; please email [email protected].

Keynote Speaker


Headshot, Derek Griffith

Derek M. Griffith, PhD
Dr. Derek M. Griffith is a Founding Co-Director of the Racial Justice Institute, Founder and Director of the Center for Men’s Health Equity, Member of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Professor of Health Management & Policy and Oncology at Georgetown University. He also serves as the Chair of Global Action on Men’s Health – a global men’s health advocacy organization.



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Steering Committee: 
Kelly Taylor, PhD, MS, MPH; Maeve Forster, MS; Nova Wilson, MPH; Debbie Brickley, DrPH, MPH; Betty Janey, MSW; Taytum Sanderbeck; Susie Welty, MPH