What We Do

Custom-fit Solutions

UCSF Pandemic Initiative for Equity and Action (UPIEA) tackles the global COVID-19 pandemic and address health inequalities locally and globally. We strive to engage communities in solutions to make healthcare accessible to all. We do this through a variety of training, partnership, community programs, and shared research and quality improvement.

Education and Training for COVID-19 Response Workforce

UPIEA provides transformative virtual trainings for contact tracers and case investigators in California and beyond that consists of a didactic and skills-based curriculum. In addition to technical training, UPIEA develops trainings on cultural humility and addressing biases specific to the pandemic response workforce and other threats that may emerge.  

woman concentrating on online learning

Transformative Partnerships to Achieve Sustainable Impact

UPIEA supports states and local health jurisdiction authorities in the United States as well international partners to develop and implement sustainable strategies to address COVID-19 and other threats that may emerge. These include strategic and technical operations such as workforce planning, development of workflows, development of standard operating procedures and job aids, quality assurance and improvement plans, data management, analysis and use, and models for engaging community partners.  

Man on a plane with a face mask and UCSF tote bag

Building a Virtual Community and Supporting Community Engagement 

UPIEA recognizes the crucial role that community plays in keeping the pandemic response workforce engaged and mitigating burnout has developed communities of practice models. These models aim to build community even when working virtually and create a forum for people to connect and support each other.  

Person getting finger pricked at a community testing event

Quality Improvement and Impact Measurement 

UPIEA builds off their quality improvement work internationally to develop quality metrics and continuous quality improvement (CQI) tools that measure the quality and efficacy of the interventions as well as evaluate the response.  

Tablet with data being reviewed