Alex Samura-Ernst

Technical Director, San Francisco Contact Tracing Program

Alex Ernst provides broad technical oversight, from day-to-day contact tracing workflow to materials development and quality-improvement activities to data analysis and reporting. Pre-COVID-19, she worked primarily on HIV M&E and epidemiology projects, specifically recent HIV infection surveillance worldwide.

Sabrina Sanchez, MA

Pandemic Response Specialist
H_GHS - Central Admin

Sabrina is an experienced human rights and social justice educator with proficiency in program and project management, content curation and advocacy. Her diverse work experience in the human rights field includes spearheading legal empowerment for women and disadvantaged groups in Honduras, researching environmental and indigenous peoples’ rights in Central America, promoting positive youth development, and strengthening anti-human and sex trafficking efforts in the U.S.

Taytum Sanderbeck

Digital Communications Special
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Taytum is the Digital Communications Specialist for the Pandemic Initiative for Equity and Inclusion (UPIEA) and Virtual Training Academy (VTA). She creates communication and outreach materials to communicate UPIEA and the VTA’s impact and offerings. Previously, she was the communications manager at World Affairs, working on their website, communications, and radio program and podcast. Taytum has degrees in environmental science and dance, and began her communications career working in environmental advocacy in Washington, D.C.

Thea Sigerman Sigerman, MSW, MPH

Communities of Practice Program Manager
UCSF Pandemic Initiative for Equity and Action

Thea Sigerman (she/hers) is the Communities of Practice Program Manager at the UCSF Pandemic Initiative for Equity & Action (UPIEA). She contributes to continued education programming that reaches COVID Response staff throughout California and holds a Master’s in Social Work and Public Health. Thea has provided direct services and program development support in healthcare, disaster management, and social service settings, and is dedicated to advancing health equity and improving the healthcare experience. 

Renee Simmons-Wilkins

Public Health Educator
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Nate Smith, MPH

Technical Director for Quality Improvement

Nathan Smith is a technical lead for data quality assessment and improvement (DQA / DQI). He provides support to contact tracing, working alongside the contact tracing team in the design and implementation of a DQA / DQI system for COVID. He also serves as the Associate Deputy Director of Programs for UCSF’s Global Strategic Information group. In this role he provides support to various projects focused on routine program monitoring and evaluation.

Kelly Taylor, PhD, MS, MPH

Technical Director, Community Engagement

Educated at University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, and University of California, Berkeley, Dr.

Susie Welty

Technical Director, Special Initiatives

Susie Welty is the lead on special initiatives for the UCSF Pandemic Initiative for Equity and Inclusion (UPIEA). She has 15 years of public health experience primarily in HIV/AIDS in east Africa. She works as a contact tracer, case investigator, team lead, and trainer for the San Francisco Department of Public Health pandemic response. She also supports new initiatives for UPIEA. Susie grew up in a Quechua Indian village in Ecuador, and witnessed firsthand people turned away from health care because of their ethnicity.

Karen White

Technical Director

Karen White has 20 years of public health experience developing and managing complex global HIV programs. She has expertise in developing strategic work plans, and budgets, communicating with funders and partners, as well as in staffing, hiring and managing deliverables across projects. Since March 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in California, Ms. White has served as the Technical Project Director for the UCSF Pandemic Initiative for Equity and Inclusion (UPIEA).

Julie Whitfield

Public Health Specialist
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Nova Wilson Wilson, MPH

Program Manager
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Jose Zabala

Public Health Educator
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