Supportive Relationships

In this video, Health Educator Natalie Audage shares research on the benefits and characteristics of supportive relationships and provides tips on how we can improve health and wellness through connections with others. 

Understandably, it's challenging to find, build and maintain social connections and relationships amid the many stressors we have experienced over the past year. COVID-19 has put extra stress on our relationships, whether it's spending months on end in lock-down, children at home rather than at school or the loss of friends and/or family. Social tensions and climate-related events have been added sources of stress. 

This video is not meant to gloss over or minimize any past or ongoing trauma that our communitiesor we as individuals, have undergone. It is being presented to give some general tips and practices that can help foster and maintain our social support systems and ease some of the stress that we are all experiencing.

“Love and belonging are essential to the human experience.” -Brené Brown

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