COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Community Corner


Updated 12/27/2021

The VTA+ Vaccine Communications Training was developed to prepare staff of local health departments in California to effectively communicate information about COVID-19 vaccines to members of the public during telephone interviews. The standard Vaccine Communications Training includes 3 hours of online self-study and 4 hours in a live web-meeting.

Due to interest from and relevance to community partners and others outside our core audience, we are opening access to the online, self-study portion of the VTA+ Vaccine Communications training, which can be accessed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The online self-study modules are intended to be followed by participation in a live web-meeting, during which foundational knowledge is applied to interactive, practical scenarios and skill development in small breakout groups. We strongly recommend that interested learners not affiliated with a local health department in California complete this form to sign-up to inquire about availability/opportunities for upcoming trainings. In the interim, we hope that the online self-study modules will be a useful resource to people working on the pandemic response. 

Completion of the online self-study module does NOT constitute completion of the full VTA+ course. Continuing education units (CEUs) or certificates of completion will not be issued.

We are always looking for opportunities to improve our trainings and will invite you to complete a brief survey to share your feedback on the materials after completing the self-study modules. 

Online self-study course content


Disclaimer: These modules were last updated on 12/17/21. Research, knowledge and public health guidance on COVID-19 and vaccines is rapidly evolving and may not be up to date in the on-line module at the time of viewing. Some information may be specific to California. For most recent updates, please review the most recent CDC, state, and local guidance for your location.

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