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On the Coffee Chat podcast, host Valerie Kryger interviews public health professionals working on the VTA+, in local health jurisdictions, and more! Join Valerie every month to find out more about your colleagues, what they’re working on, and their favorite morning beverage.

Meet Your Pandemic Response Co-Worker: Payam Narvand 

Payam Narvand
George Jagatic

George Jagatic MA

George Jagatic is the supervisor for the COVID-19 Contact Tracing team at Tulare County Public Health.  He has a master’s degree from Pratt University in Creative Arts Therapy and has worked for over a decade in the field of mental health.  His background in movement arts has been a lifelong passion and he continues to bring his perspective and experience to his work in communication and management within the health sector.

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Valerie Kryger, Coffee Chat Host

Valerie has a BS in Nutritional Science and a Master’s in Public Health. She works with the VTA+ as a facilitator and is the Mental Health and Wellness Liaison. In this role, she fosters connection between the Mental Health Task Force and the CoP teams. This enables the teams to work collaboratively and respond promptly to emerging mental health concerns and support a balanced and resilient COVID Response workforce.

Valerie Kryger
Valerie Kryger

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